Wilde Tool Company: USA Made Products, 93 Years and Counting

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Nearly 93 years ago, two brothers purchased a company that would eventually find its home in

wilde tool 3Hiawatha, KS and go on to become a major staple in the Hiawatha community.

Wilde Tool Company is a family owned operation located on Pottawatomie Street in Hiawatha, offering a variety of hand tools. The owners want people to know that their company’s tools are not only manufactured in the U.S.A., but are affordable and top quality as well. The company produces, packs and ships all products from its one location.

Its nearly 45 employees work to make, package and ship everything from their original angle nose pliers to screwdrivers, wrenches and much more. They utilize private-label brands, as well as the retail market, in order to sell their products, while their merchandise benefits customers who use hand tools for professional and personal use.wilde tool 2

Lucas Froeschl, sales manager of Wilde Tool, sees being a HFED member as an important asset to the family’s business.

“HFED can provide Wilde Tool opportunities that may have been previously unknown.  It’s important for small-community businesses to be aware of any grants, seminars, or training courses available to colleagues.  It’s also important for the businesses in the community to be communicated with under a common umbrella so the message being sent is universal to all and received by all,” said Froeschl.

Wilde Tool is distinctive in the fact that it is family owned and operated and has been since the company was bought in 1922 by Paul and Otto Froeschl.

“The whole family-business thing is very unique in our country today, and I think that as we try and build our brand, many consumers will find comfort in the fact that we haven’t sold out to corporate conglomerates.  I’ve told our story at least 300 times, and it’s never better than when those eyebrows go up and they have that, ‘no way’ look on their face.  They can’t hardly believe we exist,” said Lucas Froeschl.

In addition to a commitment to community and family, Wilde Tool has exemplary values that help to make it the business that it is. The company’s owners believe in having work ethic and integrity, as well as being dependable, loyal and ethical. Their business is always willing to produce the best quality tools and fill the demands the market has for various hand tools.

Although thwilde toole company began its roots in Kansas City before moving to Hiawatha in 1955 due to space issues and flood damage, it has played a pivotal role in the community of Hiawatha since its move, boosting the local economy, providing employment opportunities and by setting an example for other businesses with their family values.

by: Jessica Geiger

HHS Hawk-Eye reporter

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