Finley, Miller, Cashman, & Schmitt, LLP

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At some point in everyone’s life they will be faced with the need for legal services for a variety of reasons. Fortunately for citizens of small town Hiawatha, they have exceptional options among them. One of these options is the general practice law firm Finley, Miller, Cashman, & Schmitt, LLP.

On February 18, 1946, Robert M. Finley and Harry E. Miller established the law firm. Don Cashman joined the firm in 1970, and nine years later Mike Schmitt became a partner as well. In September of 2013, Elizabeth Olson became an associate of the firm, keeping the total of practicing attorneys at three.

The law firm performs many tasks and offers a number of services including civil law, trial work, probate and estate planning, banking law, preparing trusts and estates for individuals, handling real estate contracts and real estate law, and providing corporate law services, such as forming corporations, LLCs and other business entities.

Along with the different services they offer, the firm also owns a title company and furnishes title insurance for real estate transactions. The firm provides title insurance in the form of either an owner’s policy or a mortgage policy. In addition, the firm performs real estate closings, mortgage closings and provides title opinions and title commitments, which determine ownership to real estate holdings.

Cashman feels it is beneficial for the firm to be a HFED member.

“It is important to help support community growth and development with its membership fees and other donations to HFED and to also help in the development and growth of the Hiawatha community and surrounding area,” said Cashman. “It is also important as a business to be kept up-to-date through HFED by knowing what is expanding and developing within the business and commercial community of Hiawatha and the surrounding area.”Displaying FMC&S photo.jpg

Being a part of HFED also is important because the target market of Finley, Miller, Cashman, & Schmitt are the residents of Brown County and surrounding counties. This includes the many banks and other companies who make loans to residents of Brown County and Northeast Kansas.

Attorney Cashman also feels that his business helps make a positive mark in the local economy.

“Our business helps the local economy with the salaries of the various employees we have. Also, over the years we have made donations to many local organizations, charities and nonprofit organizations in the community and by drafting wills and trusts, we have had the opportunity to help the citizens of the area donate sums of money to the Hiawatha Community Hospital, Morrill Public Library and the local cemeteries,” said Cashman.

In the case of attorneys moving on to new opportunities or retirement, the firm plans to hire attorneys who are not long out of law school that will bring new ideas and fresh minds to continue moving their local business in the right direction.

–Annie Weingart

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