Known as the "City of Beautiful Maples," the gorgeous landscape of Hiawatha is the backdrop to a flourishing city with friendly people and a tireless workforce.

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Roots of the Economy – A Farm Spotlight

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Where would our rural economy be without the contribution of farms? Small towns, like Hiawatha, have an economic base in farming. The roots of our town history are planted in the rich soil of farming. It is important that we appreciate the pulse of our town’s economy. One farm, belonging to Charles and Jane Bebermeyer, […]

Finley, Miller, Cashman, & Schmitt, LLP

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At some point in everyone’s life they will be faced with the need for legal services for a variety of reasons. Fortunately for citizens of small town Hiawatha, they have exceptional options among them. One of these options is the general practice law firm Finley, Miller, Cashman, & Schmitt, LLP. On February 18, 1946, Robert […]

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